Wedding Cake

We don't need to tell you how difficult the process is for planning a wedding. What with all of the different factors that need to be considered such as the wedding dress, the size of the gust list, the caterers that need to be contacted, and the decision on which venue to use. It can all seem a little overwhelming, which is why when it comes to planning one of the most important parts--the cake, it can seem incredibly daunting. This cake should be representative of how much care and effort you put into this event. If you mess up on the cake, then it puts a damper on the rest of the reception, and that's a worst case scenario. You want to make sure that the cake looks, tastes, and even smells unbelievable, so your guests won't be able to get enough! The following guide will walk you through what you need to know in order to get the cake that's just right for you, so you can be sure that the cake at your wedding will be absolutely perfect.

The first thing you need to do is find a bakery that is well-reviewed and has a lot of experience. You can do this by beginning your search online. Check general wedding websites to see what real customers are recommending, and then head over to the bakery's website to see examples of their past work. You need to be sure that the wedding cakes that they bake are well-reviewed by their clients. If the reviews are even as low as "average", you should probably skip that particular bakery.

Your next step will be to visit the bakery in person and meet with the people who you will be working with. You need to make sure that you leave the bakery with an idea of what the cake will look like and what they'll be able to do with you--either in the form of a drawing or a graphic representation. If the bakery staff isn't personable or if they try to rush you out quickly then it's time to find a new bakery to go to, because you don't need that kind of stress in your life.

Once you have found the right bakery for you, there are two very important things you need to do right off the bat. One, being you need to order the cake in enough time. Three to six months is a safe time to get the cake preparations started, and make sure that it is completely ordered two months before the wedding date, at the latest. The second thing that you need to do right off the bat is decide on the flavor by doing a taste test. This is such, such, SUCH an important part about the process. You need to be sure that the cake is up to your standards. Try not to get an exotic flavor--try to stick to the basic ones, because a great bakery can make one of those flavors taste incredible, but a flavor that's too exotic will make your guests that don't like that flavor upset that they don't get any cake. It's important to keep your guests in mind as they, after all, will be the ones who are eating most of it.

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