Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find some regular questions that people ask us before booking any of our services. Due to the nature of the purpose to be a general guide for anyone who is curious to learn more about the way we operate, these questions do not reflect a specific situation, so if you think you need a piece of specific information for your case, we suggest calling us and letting us know.

There is no limit to the amount of stops (or mileage) during your limo rental; at least with us. No matter how many pick-up locations and/or stops you need to make it to during your day or night with us, you won't be charged anything extra above the quote that you are given.

We cover a very large service area when it comes to where we do your initial pick-up. Consult our Limousine Sioux Falls Service Area map and location list to see if you are at least close to one of the communities that we regularly service. If you aren't sure, call us; we're quite sure we can help and/or provide your limousine.

As long as everyone in your group is 21 or older, there can be drinking on the limousine; in any capacity and at any time. That is one of the benefits of hiring a completely insured company like ours.

You cannot smoke on the vehicles. Our vehicle should be able to be enjoyed by everyone whether they smoke or not. You do get unlimited stops so if you need a smoke break, tell your driver and they'll pull over as soon as they can.

Yes, we have some of the latest model High Definition TV's in our vehicles and there isn't a limousine that we provide that doesn't have at least one.

When you call to book your reservation, we only charge a $200 deposit (which comes off of your total amount) to 'hold' a limo or party bus on the date that you wish to have it held. We do the payment by credit or debit, over the phone.

There is no age limit. You just have to be careful watching the children because most vehicles don't have seat belts. If there are children and those who are under the age of 21, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle.

Once you have paid your deposit, you cannot cancel. You cannot change the date of your reservation as well. You will have to pay for the entire service even if you cannot use it. You might be able to change the time or the vehicle depending on availability.

You do not have to tip the driver if you don't want to. They do not survive off tips. Tipping is just a nice way to show your driver that you appreciated the service they performed for you.

Don't fret, you'll be okay. You will not be charged a high fee. You will simply be charged your normal hourly rate, divided in 15 minute increments so that you do not pay for more than you use.

You can reach us at any time, on any day. There is always a luxury transportation professional available to take your calls and answer your questions.

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