Our Pricing

It is very important to Limousine Sioux Falls that your rates be as low as they can be during such a trying economical time. That is why we do several things on our end to keep our pricing down and also, we give personalized rental quotes to every individual who calls.

One of the main things that a limousine and/or party bus company can do to keep their own costs down - and in our case, pass that savings along to the client - is, keep the vehicles in tip-top condition so that there aren't huge repairs needing to be done periodically and things of that nature. Having our mechanics on staff at all times and maintaining our fleet also saves you money because our vehicles get the best gas mileage in the business.

When we state that everyone gets a "personalized quote", that means that when you call us, our booking experts will work every angle that can be utilized within our industry to lower your cost. It is crafted completely around what day your event is on, what vehicle you need, what kind of event you are having, how long you may need the limousine for, what time of the year it is, etc. There are many different factors and all of our office staff can work them equally to arrive at the lowest number for you! Contact Limousine Sioux Falls for your free, personalized quote today!

If you need a quote...

Contact us whenever you're ready! While fluctuations in the market prevent us from publishing our pricing, our courteous booking agents are always at the ready to give you the most current and accurate "to the dollar" quote possible. There's never any hidden fees, and no surprises when doing business with us!



  • Visit as many places as you want
  • Go where the night takes you
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  • Affordable quotes
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Marvellous Benefits

When you choose us, you choose the best perks a limo company can give

Fair price

Wonderful hourly rates and the best luxury transportation services for all budgets. Get your free quote now!

Diverse fleet

Different limo models and party bus models are the ones we have waiting for you! Learn more on the fleet page.

For any event

Our rentals are perfect for small to big events since they are affordable, and you can find different sizes of vehicles.

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